Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Fourth of July

I am not American, but when I was invited to the US Ambassador's place to celebrate the 4th of July, how could I resist? I was very curious about what fare would be offered to the masses; it's a big event and I was one of hundreds braving the rainy weather to enjoy the hospitality.

So... I bet you are as curious as I, so I won't keep you hanging.
  • Jack Daniel BBQ ribs (good; nice and spicy)
  • Buffalo Wings (always wondered why they were called that - its because they are from Buffalo, not because they are formed out of the animal!)
  • Corn on the cob (a dish that the Swiss simply can't get their heads around; but then they are not very keen on food eaten with your hands)
  • Potato Salad
  • Green Salad with blue cheese dressing (the first time I had ever eaten blue cheese dressing; tasty!)
  • Hot dogs - I didn't get time to stand in the queue for these, and didn't really have room to eat them anyway
  • Chocolate Brownies - looked good, didn't get to taste
  • Ben and Jerry's icecream (My first ever B&Js - Vanilla Toffee Crunch. To be truthful I wasn't impressed; not very creamy or vanilla-y and the line on the side describing the toffee as being covered in a 'chocolatey coating' meant that the chocolate was dubious at best! But, to give them credit, I am a bit spoilt at the moment, having a tub of home-made 6 egg yolk, pure cream real vanilla icecream in my freezer.)
It was kind of the Ambassadors to host the event and I did have a nice time - hope I can swing an invite to next years!


rai said...

mmm sounds good. our fourth included grilled steaks, grilled corn on the cob, baked potatoes rolled in kosher salt, caprese salad (it looked very patriotic on a blue glass plate) with homemade pesto, claudia's famous lemonaid and watermelon for dessert. i am hoping for a giant bbq next year. sounds like you had fun!

ps- don't give up on the b&j til you try the chocolate fudge brownie (at globus) ;)

Kiriel du Papillon said...

mmmm... that lemonaide; recipe please!!