Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Eating in Venice

Well, everywhere you go in Venice you find pizzerias, most of which seem to be entirely run by asian ladies. They certainly are a reasonably priced meal in a very unreasonably priced city.

But for somewhere to get a really lovely meal, I personally recommend Trattoria da Bruno.

Our meals were lovely, the service was really friendly, and at the end, both we ladies were presented with a glass sweet, while the men were presented with the bill. My kind of restaurant! ;-) The owner actually came by to check that we were happy, which we definitely were.

Mum's langoustines looked very tasty indeed:

and although we were pretty full by the end of the meal, I couldn't resist the panna cotta:

and mum declared the tira misu to be the best she had ever eaten.

So if you are in Venice... (gee I love living in Europe, where you can say that in such an off handed manner) Calle Del Paradiso 5731, tel 522 1480

Seafood soup

While in Florence, we wandered into a random restaurant. My mum decided to go for the seafood soup. Expecting a normal bowl of soup, instead she got....

and, upon opening...

Not bad eh? Heaps of prawns, a langoustine, mussels, tiny little prawns and a delicious stock. As soon as I find their business card, I will post it.

Here you are:

Ristorante Alla Griglia
Via dei Banchi 25/r
Ph: 055 290214
Fax: 055 2650357
email: allagriglia@inerfree.it

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Confusion rules!

I am getting thoroughly confused. I seem to have two blogs going... I posted to what I thought was this blog, but it came up in another place! Well, I like the format of this one better, so I guess I will stick with this one.

Kangaroo anyone?

Making kangaroo tartlets for the reception that I catered got me in the mood. I promised my choir that I would provide kangaroo for the after-concert apero. But my kangaroo comes in a one kilo pack and I knew well that I didn't need that much for the tartlets. So what to do with the rest?

I decided to get baking and make meat pies. I did a giant batch of what was basically kangaroo bourgignon in the slow cooker. I made one kangaroo "pot pie" and the rest into small ones.

I invited a friend over to share the pie with me.

The rest of the pies went into the freezer for later.

Reception food...

I recently catered a small reception for 40 people. Here are some of the dishes I made: