Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Eating in Venice

Well, everywhere you go in Venice you find pizzerias, most of which seem to be entirely run by asian ladies. They certainly are a reasonably priced meal in a very unreasonably priced city.

But for somewhere to get a really lovely meal, I personally recommend Trattoria da Bruno.

Our meals were lovely, the service was really friendly, and at the end, both we ladies were presented with a glass sweet, while the men were presented with the bill. My kind of restaurant! ;-) The owner actually came by to check that we were happy, which we definitely were.

Mum's langoustines looked very tasty indeed:

and although we were pretty full by the end of the meal, I couldn't resist the panna cotta:

and mum declared the tira misu to be the best she had ever eaten.

So if you are in Venice... (gee I love living in Europe, where you can say that in such an off handed manner) Calle Del Paradiso 5731, tel 522 1480

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rai said...

mamma mia! i'll have to add this to my address book of places to check out. i absolutely ADORED venice and i can't wait to go back. i am planning a trip this spring so i can pick up more glass in murano. wheeee. glad you enjoyed this fantastic city as well.