Sunday, 19 September 2010

Hmmm... my project food blog intro

So I decided to enter this "Project Foodblog Challenge" thing. This first step is more challenging than I expected. I have to share with you what defines me as a food blogger and what makes me a food blog star... It is rare that I analyse this particular part of my life.

Like most of my foodblogging friends I am passionate about food and cooking.

I guess what I have that is perhaps a little rare in the grand foodblog community is simply the span of my cooking. Not just doing home cooking, nor modern cooking, nor cooking from a particular area, my food spans not only countries, but centuries.

How many foodbloggers are catering for 200 people, as well as making dinner for one? How many are exploring medieval and renaissance recipes as well as inventing completely new and different food? Giving restaurant reviews across the world, as well as sharing recipes and cooking tips. How many are cooking Italian, French, Japanese, Australian, English, Malaysian, Indonesian, Hungarian... the world on a plate? Hosting and cooking challenge dinner parties, organising social restaurant outings, and teaching cooking from pasta to sushi? Ooh, and I forgot.. doing a bit of food design for my friend's published cookbook on the side. Many are doing one or two of these things, but I suspect very few do them all.

I hope that what I also do is share what I love most about cooking: the adventure, the fun, and how wonderfully simple it all can be.

I put together this photo montage of myself, to sort of sum up my foodie self... ======>

To vote for me and keep me cooking and experimenting, head over to the Project Foodblog site.