Saturday, 31 May 2008

Its not that I havent been cooking

I have been cooking up a storm in fact, but I regret to say, I haven't much in the way of new recipes to share. At the culinary squat I helped out on the food stall, making and serving quesadillas, sushi, curries and having whipped up a big batch of Anzac cookies, which sold pretty much as fast as I made them. You might recall I posted up the recipe for Anzac biscuits a while ago, and if you haven't made them yet, DO! They are totally addictively good.

There are some photos of my partners in cooking on my flickr site, and even a little film clip of them being silly while some bluegrass music was playing. The ambience of the weekend was really lovely. Everyone was happy, relaxed and having fun, even despite the rain.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Get that shrinking feeling...

So it's spring, and there is all sorts of wonderful fruit in the shops. Strawberries, succulent and sweet are at their best and stone fruit is starting to appear.

The season just flies past and its vital to take advantage of all this wonderful fruit while it is there. So its time to whip out the dehydrator and get drying!

2 kilos of strawberries becomes a single soup bowl of delicious crunchy slivers, ready to be munched as is, or cooked up in a recipe. They keep for months too, allowing you to enjoy the taste of spring all the way through the year.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Been off adventuring!

I know its been a while since I last posted... I do have an excuse or two!

I have been off travelling... this time to Prague in the Czech republic.

There will be lots of lovely food photos to follow, once I write up the reviews of the two most interesting restaurants I visited while there. The first was "La Degustation" and the second the only Michelin starred restaurant in Prague, "Allegro".

I did enjoy more simple meals while in Prague though, from simple chicken and dark bread, to goulash and dumplings.

I also fell in love with Czech wafers, specifically cinnamon wafers, and if anyone can tell me where I can find them in Switzerland I would be forever grateful!