Friday, 31 August 2007

Judgement on Thai

The thing about the Na Village restaurant is that it has a wonderful atmosphere.

From the garden you walk through to get in:

to the front door:

to the restaurant itself:

and the lovely girls dancing:

Its an experience, especially on a grey and rainy Genevan evening, which lifts and transports you to a tropical paradise.

And then the food... The restaurant has spared no expense in having really pretty Thai plates and accessories. The curries are all served in elegant lidded bowls, on to glass plates, which sit on top of broad colourful, gold highlighted platters.

The curries themselves were actually pretty good; I especially liked the duck red curry. I did need to ask for some fresh chillies, but that was no surprise to me. The panang was creamy and pleasing, the green curry light but not particularly exciting. There was a fish dish: soft and tender pieces of fish, with a sweet spicy sauce - unfamiliar to me, and very popular with everyone at the table. The platter of stir fried vegetables was simply prepared and a perfect foil for the rich curries - I enjoyed the lovely slightly smokey taste.

The mixed entrees were a little disappointing: a skewer of chicken satay, a short fat spring roll which was unexceptional but ok and some other bits and pieces. Even though I was full as I could be, at the end I weakened and just had to order dessert; mango and coconut rice. The mango was sweet and succulent, a perfect finish to the meal.

I would definitely go back to this restaurant again; less for the food than the atmostphere perhaps, but I would still recommend the food without qualms.

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Cynthia said...

As I was today on another blog, I like reading restaurant reviews even though I may never have a chance of visiting them. Glad you enjoyed it, well most of it anyway.