Saturday, 15 September 2007

Feeling a little guilty

Its been an age since I last posted, AND I spent four days in Madrid and took only one single food related pic. Here tis:

I certainly ate good food, but just kinda, well, failed to photograph it! I visited the Museo de Jambon, from where I got a lovely dish of melon and ham. I ate yummy chorizo cooked in wine at the bar two doors down from my hostel. I do love spain. Good food, lovely people, relaxed life.

I bought these sweets to send home to Australia - I love finding bizarre lollies and sending them home for the family to enjoy. (which reminds me, I must send them a packet of those turkish peppers I got in Finland) I don't know what these are, but they look kinda cool eh?

Since I got back I have been mainly eating my favourite meal: Pancroc (known as cruskits back in Australia; kinda the wheat equivalent of rice cakes), cheese and cherry tomatoes. Not exciting enough to warrant either recipe or photo.

However, I have proposed a date for the next challenge dinner party, so watch this space

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Cynthia said...

I find that that always happens. We can make the best plans to photograph the food we eat when we travel etc but it never happens and maybe it's a good thing because we can get too caught up in taking the pics and forget the reason we're there and also miss enjoying the company of others.