Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Feasting plans...

Thursday night I am organising a get together with some fellow foodies at a local Thai restaurant. The place is not cheap, but is a pretty amazing venue - carved wood everywhere, exotic flowers and scents filling the air, and wonderful Thai dancers to entertain you as you eat.

I promise photos later...

Soup: Prawn and lemongrass soup

Mixed entree of: spring rolls, chicken and lemongrass skewer, fresh vegetable rolls

Mains: Beef curry panang, Duck red curry, Chicken green curry, beef curry masaman, prawn and celery(?!) curry, fish curry (village style), rice and vegetables.

Dessert: a la carte

There was another dish, but I have no idea how to translate liseron d'eau from French into English. Haven't a clue what it is!

Hey... if you are reading this and live in Geneva, if you want to join in, I have had a couple of cancellations and would be delighted to have you join our little group for dinner!


Cynthia said...

Have a great time Kiriel. I love Thai food.

evildrakey said...

You should have asked me :)~

Liseron is convolvulus (or Bindweed) So Liseron d'Eau is water convolvulus, eaten a lot in south-east asia... It's rather nice stirfried with a little oyster sauce... I often serve it as a side dish to Som Tam (see http://evildrakey.livejournal.com/19323.html)


evildrakey said...

Oh... and I have recipes for most of those dishes if you're keen :0