Sunday, 24 June 2007

Farewell dinner (sniff)

Tonight was one of our grand foodies nights, but this time with a slightly sorrowful feel. Our dear friend Ugly Fruit is leaving us, so this was a farewell feast.

Sadly three of our fellow foodies couldn't come, which left us as a dinner for four with food for seven! Still, we did our best to bid farewell to our friend in style. The menu for the evening (photos and recipes for my bits to follow) ended up being:

- Gazpacho with avocado icecream
- Texmex cornbread
- fresh basil butter
- Vietnamese grapefruit and chicken salad
- San choi bau
- Lime and hazelnut cheese-cake
- deconstructed strawberry cheese cake (the photo will explain)

An amazing meal, and a fitting farewell to a dear friend. We will of course, continue to have our foodie nights, and invite our friend to come along via computer!

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