Friday, 2 October 2009

Catering a reception...

The menu:
- sundried tomato palmiers
- gruyere gougers
- potato and pesto tortilla
- caramelised onion and gorgonzola pizzettas
- mushroom mini focaccias
- five spice duck and mango salsa croustades
- cucumber boats with smoked salmon and pickled ginger
- salmon, ricotta & sage crepe rolls
- miniature chocolate chip cup cakes

Note: this is quite a few dishes for a reception. Generally for a pre-dinner reception, you would make between 6 and 8 pieces per person, and probably only 4-6 different items. But I get bored myself with being faced with the same dishes over and over again (unless they are particularly delectable) so do tend to make a few more dishes. The salmon, ricotta and sage crepe rolls were a last minute addition, as I had been told that there would be 50 attendees, and then on the day was informed that in fact they had had 70 people rsvp positively.


Pierre said...

Hello !!
this is Pierre form Paris France !

If you like French creative cuisine come and visit my blog you are most welcome : the last recipe is in english !!se you then !!!

JennyC said...

Maybe the other 20 heard you were catering!