Sunday, 23 March 2008

I joined the Foodie BlogRoll!

I have joined the Foodie Blog Roll. Basically its a list of food blogs, but also a forum so we foodies can chat if we want. I guess for me it also gets my face (so to speak) out there to be seen. This blogging thing is fun, addictive but also a bit of work, and getting comments on your posts makes it all worthwhile. I love inventing dishes and rather like the idea that someone out there may just make something from one of my recipes one day. Comments help you feel like you're writing is not simply disappearing into a void, which I sometimes suspect is what happens with my webpage.

I also love seeing other people's blogs; being wowed by the photographs and tempted by the recipes. Check out some of the blogs on the roll by clicking on the link on the bar down on the left hand side of this blog page.

1 comment:

Anjali said...

Wish you luck and hope to see more of you. I'm going to try your recipes.